Global History and Geography is a two-year course that students take during their 9th and 10th grade years, which culminates in a Regents examination at the end of the 10th grade. Students will focus on five social studies standards (geography, world history, United States History, economics, and government), common themes that recur across time and place (e.g., change, diversity, and nationalism), and eight historical eras. The course is taught chronologically and focuses on exploring historical and cultural differences and similarities between different regions of the world during the same period. Students will develop essential social science skills that include getting, using, and presenting information; problem solving; and effective communication orally, visually, and in writing. During 9th grade, students will gain an understanding of global history and geography from ancient times until the late 18th century.

Pre-AP World History is designed to be similar to a college-level history course. As such, students are expected to keep up with the rigorous lessons and activities provided in this class. Students are required to complete an extensive amount of reading on their own almost every night, develop Cornell-style notes based on the readings, complete projects outside of class, actively engage in class participation, and be willing to put forth the appropriate level of effort studying the content. Students should understand that the intended next step for a Pre-AP student is to enroll in AP courses in subsequent years, which should allow him or her to earn college credit. This class is geared to prepare students for this challenge. This class is heavily focused on reading and writing, analyzing and interpreting primary source documents, and formal assessments. Students are not automatically expected to have all of the required writing and analytical skills as some of these will be taught and developed over the course of the year. However, students are expected to be proficient in higher level thinking skills by the end of the course, if not sooner. It is expected, however, that the student enter the class each day willing to put forth the effort to learn with a positive attitude; this will go a long way in the success of the student.


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